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School's out

The year moves apace [with phrasing like that, you can tell that either this'll be really short or I'm on one and will ramble like a fool for ages. At some point I'll slap myself and start talking sense].

The last few weeks work-wise have been marked by the end of the Sound Harvesting project for this year. It's gone reallly well, with the primary Year 4 [that's Year 2 in old money] kids using Audacity to create sound montage pieces from nature and their local environment, thus functioning as "spies", and scientists—and artists, all at the same time. They've got me for another two years with luck, so the project will develop. I've just got work on stuff with everyone else now... I'm having large amounts of fun in school!

Other than that? Well, I had my first Regional Arts Council meeting a few days ago. My goodness, the amount of paper was obscene. All of it disturbingly necessary, but enough to drown in if you, say, filled a gala swimming pool with it all. I found it really stimulating seeing how decisions are made and discussed at this level—and I think it'll help me understand my own region a bit better.

I've also been writing a fair bit for my... first album. After all these years, I've decided to put together some songs in one place. I'm doing everything from my office and using whatever I've got in there, so it's a lot more electro-acoustic than perhaps you'd expect. Four of the tracks are on the MySpace page but when it's finished all of the tracks will be available on here! There'll be more on this, as I have a something else planned around my birthday...

Ah, it's a short one. Good.

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