Corey Mwamba


Into free-fall

Well, this is odd. In a lot of ways, I just haven't stopped. And I've no idea why...

I've just started a new Creative Partnerships project as school; this time we're tying in geography and local history with musique concrète for THREE YEARS! I think it shows a real commitment from the school so I'm really excited by the prospect. But we [as in my lovely boss and I] have heaps of planning to do, juggling everything so that it all fits in....

Did my gig with the Master Drummers of Africa on Sunday. After a very long wait we were able to sound-check [why is there always a mix-up with times?] and play. It seemed as if there were fewer players this time, but it was still great fun. We had some kids come on stage to play with us, with the endearing sight of a toddler bashing away [in time!] on the largest drums.

I finally got used to the balafon sticks—they're thicker than orchestral sticks, heavier—and so was able to flow a bit better towards the end. The fairly full hall was dancing away by the end, as usual. I got to speak to some people afterwards [Madouf and Nina—hi!] and talk politics with the others. There were stresses [as always] but on the whole the day was good.

Oh, and I met Cheikh Lo, which was amazing. He had this almost serene aura about him. It's very hard to describe. Unfortunately I had to dash away before his set—but I'm sure it was good.

I've also had some more gentle pleasures in playing; I performed for someone's birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was a lovely family occasion, with happy kids and dancing people. I'm also going to be writing some wedding music for one of my close friends in a couple of weeks. I must admit that it's a bit nerve-wracking—It's for the bit when she and the groom enter the church—but I'm really looking forward to it.

So, what's next? Probably need to stick the other bits of gig-mess that have cropped up in the last day or so... and pack for Birmingham. And go to school!

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