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Where the HELL have you been? Part 571

Don't you read anything I put? I obviously told you on the Gigs page that I'm in the month of Robert Mitchell. And if you were on my mailing list, you'd know even more than that. But I shan't speak of it now.

Anyway, so far the month of Robert Mitchell has been good. Ipanema in December saw a change of personnel in Robert's Panacea group, with Shaney Forbes on drums and playing extremely well for his first time in the group; a fantastic vocalese artist called Daniel who Deborah Jordan had met on MySpace; and my official joining of the group. Well, that's how I took it. "I've really got to stop having him as a guest and just put him in the band," Robert said to a lucky crowd of people who'd come out to see the group. I played like a donkey and one of Mitchell's tunes smashed me in the shins, but I came out of it okay and it suddenly felt nice to belong to something, instead of being a "special" guest. I'd write more but there's quite a nit; so I think it'll be a separate post on here, if you don't mind...

Christmas was nice, thank you. As was my new year. For a change. Was yours all right?

I spent a few days trying to get my groove back into school; we're still doing the Sound Harvesting for Creative Partnerships. A couple of rough days at the beginning where I was fighting technology and it seemed everybody else. One of the drawbacks about educational projects is that as an artist you can be caught up in a maelstrom of miscommunication and results. Not everything in art gets somewhere, although it's great when it does: but some things just don't work as well as you'd hope, and you just have to look at things and see how you can improve. Just like any other job. But I've always had the sense that it's easy to forget that if you don't really know much about the process. So a vaguely furrowed brow there from me. But nothing that upset me for too long.

Probably because I picked up another educational project [it's not like a rash, I assure you. And if it is, I have tablets]. This one's a short one in Leicester at the Caldecote School, with two lively and sparkly Year Twos [six- and seven-year olds for those of you like me], doing music for a folk story called Bel the Giant. Very cheery but intense.

Also, I made my first sale from the Shop page! And this is the response I got when I sent them...

Picked up a copy of "Sipping Rioja at Home" at your Derby Dance Centre album launch and loved it so much that I was really excited when I saw the two other albums in the new shop on your website. I considered just downloading some of the tracks from Artboo, but £5 was such a bargain, I just decided to buy the cds, instead. Congrats on the ease and efficiency of your shop feature as ordering online is often a nightmare—and the cds have, incidentally, arrived really quickly, too. Can't wait to sit down and listen to all the new stuff. Thankyou!

I'm just glad it works. I'll be adding more stuff on there so keeping watching it!

But I am still in the month of Robert Mitchell, so you'll have to excuse me [but if you asked to join the mailing list you'd hear a lot more from me]. Got a rehearsal for the Pizza Express gigs that are coming up; and my arms keep seizing up, not good... then after that I go away for that Take Five thing. Eight jazzers in a secret location for six days. Remind you of anything [well it doesn't me—I'm not wasting my life watching rubbish]?

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