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Please contact me if you want me for a workshop, recording session or lesson; or to talk about music or research; or just to get in touch. If you want to play in Derby, see below.

Do you want to submit a track for BBC Radio 3's Freeness?

ALL enquiries or track submissions should go to [email protected] OR [email protected]. There is a team! We listen to everything. Please don't send me messages about this in any other way; they will be ignored.

Are you looking to play in Derby?

I welcome most enquiries to play jazz and improvised music here! I prefer receiving links to things I can listen to, and I will listen to what you have sent me; so ensure that what you send is exactly what you want me to listen to.

Press reviews, endorsements, photos &c. mean nothing to me until I've booked something. I now only programme in ONE place:

If you think you'd fit in a programme of totally improvised; experimental; or "modern creative" music, please look at Out Front. The e-mail is .

If not, then please head to Derby Jazz.

I am more likely to see your request and respond if you follow the above directions.