Corey Mwamba


11th Jun 2012, 7:49am

The idea behind all the coding is that I [once again] start to rein in the number of sites I post to; and feel less fragmented. Some of this has come from the fact that I write FAR TOO MANY WORDS for Twitter; whilst for Facebook, I hardly update that at all, except for gigs. When I have conversations on Facebook, it's normally with one or two people and they tend to be short—I have better conversations on Twitter [possibly because the word limit is closer tied to a conversational format]. But honestly, I'm not really a fan of Twitter because of the way the specifics of using it diminish meaning and context within a conversation. Although I may not get many comments on my site, I still feel that I'm better able to get my point across and have the flexibility to do so in statements of varying length.