Corey Mwamba


Entries for 18th Dec 2017

It is always a difficult time for a lot of people. Living is difficult, and nothing is easy. It can be difficult to describe how we feel about our separateness. It can be difficult to talk about our connection (or lack of connection) with others. It is always difficult to talk about events, timing, occasions.

But it is just as difficult to listen to others as they speak difficult lines about their lives; to notice a difficult, subtle harmony; to spot where the rhythm is off. So we create a distancing, layers to offset that difficulty. And those layers work, and in a sense that is good.

But we have more ways to communicate with each other now than we did, even if we look back thirty years ago. The difficulty in listening to others (which is really an analysis of feeling) is something that we can always overcome. And it takes effort—doing that thing that is difficult. The lesson of The Samaritan is that we do not pass by; we have to love each other, and reach out.

We can share information about The Samaritans; but (and I know I have to work on this!!) we can also try to talk and listen to each other.

Wishing everyone the best.