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Entries for 26th Aug 2017

Now... more late-night battles with PHP

Mercifully short PHP battle.

It is so hard to mention absolutely everyone who has moved you to do, to make. Every time I try this the list is always woefully short.

How do we talk about a stream when we are surrounded by the ocean?

That feeling when you spill beer on your £100-refurbished laptop and nothing bad happens because it's sturdier than a modern one.

Anyway, influences: here's an early attempt to frame my formation, through love.

And here is a something I was told early on; and it still holds true: if you want to BE an artist, you must be driven aesthetically.

It is not enough to be ABLE. You must want to do; want to make. For me, that is the difference between an instrumentalist and a musican.

And I am not saying that everyone should be an artist. That isn't true. But we have to know how to choose.