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Entries for 15th Dec 2013

Webkit.Whichever version you are. Why won't you do what I want?

Displaying head elements using CSS is old: so why doesn't Blink DO IT?

Admittedly, not the most scintillating of updates, but that's where I am right now.

Anyway, I finished writing up my presentation on contrafacts yesterday.

I designed some very simple slides, which you can see here:

And if you're using a mobile device and are using a browser that isn't totally brok- oh, never mind.

If you're on a desktop [or something with a physical keyboard] you should be able to change pages by pressing the space bar.

Coding up the presentation in HTML felt much quicker than using Impress/Powerpoint. I was more focussed on content rather than style.

Finally got the presentation working in mobile Webkit: but request the desktop site