Corey Mwamba


Entries for 2nd Dec 2013

Really sad that I had to run home on Anton Hunter for One Note Sunday—was sounding beautiful in the space.

It is all too easy to have all-star players in a team that essentially doesn't work. This is known in all fields which require a creative outlook to collaboration, like sports, business and music. It isn't enough to be good at what you do in those situations: you have to be able to work towards a vision, to listen and respond to others around you, as well as the flexibility to take things to another place.

Luckily, Glasgow Improvisers' Orchestra has these skills [and the drive to use them] in abundance through all its members. Seeing a large ensemble where you don't notice its weight—where you hear considered improvisiation—where there is a real sense of joy in the music making—these things are rare: and GIO should be celebrated for that. Their work with Marylin Crispell, Gino Robair, Maggie Nichols and Gail Brand was stunning: I think Jazz on 3 will broadcast it at some point; catch it when you can.

Similarly, Maggie Nichols and Marylin Crispell—improvisation at its very best! I was totally blown away by this set—it was thoroughly inspiring. As for Sonsale, well that was just the usual drink-fuelled laugh fest that I particularly enjoy. We had a few small ideas that we plucked out for each gig of the "tour", and our working together is so much quicker than last time: I really hope we can do again sooner than later!