Corey Mwamba


Entries for 21st Sep 2013

So—Derby Telegraph reports a story about claims that a school is forcing teachers to wear head scarves, and make girls sit at the back.

Yes, this is very bad if the claims are true: but then the Derby Telegraph decides to push the article from the slant of "Muslim school using public money", knowing that some elements out there will go a bit... well... Griffin. Bloom [allegedly]. Here, have a look at the comments.

Anyway, at least four times on Twitter they push the reaction to the story. In the reactions, there is no mention of the wider issue of free schools and how they spend money; just the usual ranting about people "taking over the country" from people who will never know any better.

Are we supposed to believe that the paper didn't see that coming? When a paper starts promoting the reaction rather than the story itself, I think we should be worried about the quality of the paper. If there's any case of wrong-doing at the school, then of course it should be reported. But it's not because they're Muslim: and the Derby Telegraph is wrong to push the story in a way that can only incite xenophobia.