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Entries for 17th Sep 2013

Was going to shout at EE, but instead decided to practise "Sicily" by Chick Corea for the gig in Derby next month:

Nope—I'm going to have to go out the house and find out if EE has in fact delivered this thing. Which I'm almost certain they will not have.

Just for piece of mind—moved status updates to a new database, so I can stop littering my blogging one.

The main issue for me now is what form the stream will take. I'm not sure I should change the design to accommodate the technology, but I don't want to put the stream down the side of a page; or bury it in with the rambles...

The other alternative is that I convert my home page into something more like a profile page.

This would tie in with some old thinking about WebIDs.

[and on a side-note: I really must try to gather all my writing in one place!!]

But there are two huge bonuses to this:

  1. I don't have to use social silos to "think aloud"—I can just do it here, control what to keep. If I wanted, I could hook up an RSS feed and have send the feed to Twitter or Facebook, if I want that interaction; and
  2. I own it. I can make this look how I want; and can place it anywhere on my site.

These are massive gains.

This morning, the status updates had all gone—which is a good thing, since there were only supposed to last a day. But it also leaves an empty page! Will have to think of another way of limiting the posts.

Trying out a new layout, using blockquotes.