Corey Mwamba



The idea for putting together this group, at the time I did, represents a slow movement. This is a group of people that I had wanted to put together for a while; some of the music was written almost fifteen years ago. But then, as it began, we accelerated; we played live four times, the final time coinciding with my last time.

Andy, Johnny, and Laura have given so much in performing and dealing with the material. What these musicians and friends have done, to me, reflects a core tradition in jazz -- to deal and commit to the material and make new things, present new ways of listening and expressing: to move beyond the limits of the marks on the page, towards feeling.

A sophisticated and lyrical album of modern jazz [...] powerfully refined modern jazz. -- Squidco

[...] singularity of vision expressed by a quartet of connected players. -- Ken Waxman, Jazzword

NTH sits comfortably in almost any space you have. It's exciting, utile, calming, beautiful and intellectually functional: all at once. Hard to review. Best just to listen. And take note. -- Brian Morton, The Wire

seething and muscular one minute, ultra-delicate the next [...] In spite of his retirement from gigging, it sounds as though Mwamba still has ideas and energy to burn. -- Thomas Rees, Jazzwise

a varied bunch of strongly jazzy compositions that are more complex than they may sound at first hearing. -- Vital Weekly

I knew the participants as skilled performers, but their empathy and feeling on this date go beyond what I’ve heard before – making this a really outstanding recording. -- Andy Hamilton, Jazz Journal

est-on dans le jazz progressif, la musique expérimentale? Et puis, il faut se laisser aller, se laisser séduire… peut-être est-on dans la poésie? -- Guy Stuckers, Radio Air Libre

It moves in lovely waves and is a joy to hear unfurl. -- Mr Olivetti, Freq