Corey Mwamba


equal in size (text from score)

Here is the text for a piece I made for GIO a couple of years ago, called equal in size. I've shared this as an image previously; but it's better to share text so everyone can read it!

I was asked to put together some small groups, but wanted to use everyone—I love working with (and now, being in) GIO; it is a very special group. I'm up there from Thursday and am really excited to catch up with everyone!

One of the main reason to continue attempts in this music is the community, the family it creates. We mourn our losses; celebrate others' success; we squabble and fall out. But we remain together, a relationship not scarred by time, age, or distance: and full of joy and memory of collective sharing.

There are conversations deeper and lighter than words are able to convey. Each member is an unwritten sutra; a wordless way inscribed on the greater soul.

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