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Out Front! (and beyond)

I'm overjoyed to announce that I (along with some others) will starting a new series of innovative modern creative music in Derby, thanks to Arts Council England.

The new series/arts organisation Out Front! will continue and significantly grow the work I'd started with One Note Sunday and The Family Album, but with the added bonus of my having actual support; and a better level of funding to run a programme of events and one larger event or festival in the autumn.

I hope this is a beginning of making a real contribution to the cultural life of the city that I love; and that it encourages as many of you as possible to support the events, and our later activities.

There'll be more info soon, and a web-site. But for now, thank you to everyone who has supported me through this, including Walt Shaw, George Grignon, Will McGiven, Claire Furlong, Ian Perry and Cath Roberts; and everyone that's attended or played at the previous gigs.

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Gordon Wedderburn

11th Jan 2016 | 8:44pm

Congrats and huge respect as always Corey. I still have dreams of contributing to the movement in some small way. Blessings and UP!!!

Corey Mwamba

12th Jan 2016 | 4:29am | replying to Gordon Wedderburn

Yes Gordon!! Thank you!

Corey Mwamba

12th Jan 2016 | 4:33am

Some lovely press from Northern Jazz News and The Jazz Breakfast!


12th Jan 2016 | 10:10am

Excellent news Corey—well done. I sense lots of trips to Derby coming on—and a further strengthening of the Derby–Newcastle axis!

Corey Mwamba

12th Jan 2016 | 12:41pm | replying to jazzalertman

Thank you sir! There must be something in the air... I also sense a strengthening of the axis! We'll talk NEXT WEEK!

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