Corey Mwamba


Morning thought #234517

One of nicest things that happened to me whilst doing Orrery was actually going for a drink with Dave and Joshua.

You might think that this happens all the time; but in fact we hardly ever meet up—living in different cities [Dave in Leeds, Joshua in London], just being busy, and—to be honest—few trio gigs means we don't do that "all the band hanging out together" thing.

Being able to relate to the people you work with is actually very important. There are always cases of musicians who can't stand each other having great working relationships, but I believe these things are much easier when you get on; and this has been my main criterion for forming bands—will I be able to just sit and hang out with this person at any given point?

I'm thinking about all of this while I wrestle with writing notes for don't overthink it. Getting the tone for them is proving difficult; I don't want to write an essay but would like to get across the musical connection between the three of us in words. Sometimes I wish I could leave these things blank.

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