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Waiting for gadget

It's 5 o'clock... so in about four hours' time I should be getting a MalletKAT from Orphy! My thrill at receiving a new toy was intensified yesterday by going to the Goose Fair in Nottingham and having a go on the dodge-ems [my favourite ride], and by purchasing the iAudio X5 for cheap: my fingers are literally drumming on the work-top in anticipation.

Of course, you're thinking, "So, do you have any real news?" and the answer is yes, I do. I got reviewed. Favourably. This time by Jazzwise magazine, so to see it you'll have to buy it or read it in the shop. It's of the gig I did with Orphy in August. Apparently I "[draw] meandering figures from a dulcimer that whirs as woozily as Rimbaud imagined his drunken boat at sea", which when read in context with the rest of the article is a good thing, but in general I think makes me sound a bit of an alcoholic. Which may also be good, given the title of my album, which I swore to myself I wouldn't plug in this post but almost unavoidably have. There's something else I have to tell you but I can't yet. But I will very soon.

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